Optimal Being Quickstart: A Mini-Course on Reducing Stress and Enhancing Life

Unlock your potential: Thriving Amidst Life's Challenges!

Stress is a universal challenge in work, home, and society. In our dynamic 4-part video series, we delve into powerful techniques to not only address stress but also to cultivate a life of alignment, confidence, performance, and joy. Each session guides you through practical strategies, empowering you to transform everyday challenges into opportunities for growth and happiness. Join us to discover how to elevate your everyday experiences into a journey of fulfillment and well-being.


What to Expect

Unlock Your True Joy

Tap into your authentic self and live in-flow by aligning with your core essence, the foundation of an Optimal Being.

Enhance Your Relationships

Embrace the Optimal Being Principles for Deeper Connections and Stronger Bonds.

Discover Effortless Success

Align your life for peak productivity and results. You'll be amazed by how effective and productive you can be with results effortlessly falling into place. 

Meet Your Instructors

Rex Montague-Bauer

Mark Hattas


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